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ku体育真人app - ku真人官方app下载

Wolverine's Material Development team is continuously focused on developing novel materials to meet evolving application needs. From base polymer to release agents, our team is thorough in the selection and characterization of materials to ensure function-critical performance.


  • In House Material Development
  • In House Rubber Development
  • Lab Scale Banbury Mixer in the Dearborn Facility
  • High-tech Validation for Materials / Products
  • Rapid Prototypes for Bake and Sealing
  • Product / Material Research
    - Elastomeric Coating
    - High Friction Coatings
    - Low Friction Coatings
    - Adhesives
    - Release Agents / Anti-Stick Coatings


Base Material Formulations

  • Polymer Chemistry Expertise – USA and Germany
  • Elastomers, Adhesive, Substrate and Films
  • High Level of Supplier / External R&D Partnership
  • Focus on Tech Gaps, Innovation, Cost, Value, Quality
  • Strong Integration with Region Specific Customer Needs
  • Internal Formulation Mix / Small Quantity Formulations

Experimental / Prototyping Capabilities

  • Multiple Prototype Coaters – USA and Germany
  • Ability To Coat Complex Multilayer Materials
  • Supports Brake, Sealing and NVH Development
  • Prototype Process Correlated to Production Equipment
  • Supply Experimental Coatings and Constructions to Internal R&D and External Customers
For more information visit our OE / OES / Aftermarket and Sealing pages.